… or lack thereof I should say, but hopefully the photos invoke a bit of romance.  This is the first moonflower of the season… it’s just too bad that they bloom at night.  The scent is divine and it would be wonderful to sit there for hours taking it all in.   The sweet william below is a bit wicked looking… so maybe this post should be titled wicked romance?!!


June 6, 2012… saw the first “hummer” at the oak leaf hydrangea.  Guess he couldn’t find any red to feast from in my almost all white and green garden!

~ by kcjewel on June 5, 2012.

7 Responses to “Romance”

  1. the white of the moonflower looks like folds of cloth–nice

  2. it does… it had not completely unfolded yet when i snapped this shot. thanks for the comment petalpusher.

  3. That moonflower would be worth staying up for! What a beauty!

  4. thanks terry… they really are delightful. this one tonight literally unfolded while i watched. it was the fastest i had ever seen one open.

  5. The sweet William image is so interesting. VERY Dr. Suess-like!

  6. I don’t remember ever seeing moonflowers close up. These are lovely.

  7. They’re both beautiful!

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