Peace and Good Vibes

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A lot of First Fridays have passed since a post… a bit surprised that I’m able to remember how to do this!  This photo was part of one of the most awesome photography studios, Amber Yoshida Photography, I’ve ever seen… the kind of studio dreams are made of.  The weather was beautiful and even though it was crowded it is places like this that offer just a tiny bit of peace among the shoppers.

Did someone say Spring?

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WELCOME!… it’s been one heck of a long winter! 70 degrees today… hallelujah!!


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… it appears that it was almost 50 today and there is actually visible dirt! It’s amazing how much snow can melt in one day. The meteorologist said we are going to have a warm rain which should wash away all the nastiness (hopefully anyway). Thirty days till spring. Last year the snowdrops were blooming, but there is no sign of them yet in 2014. I keep forgetting to check the witch hazel… maybe tomorrow (in the rain).

… Abe, from The Lego Movie. Yes, awesome :)



… who doesn’t love a Lego minifigure (or several)?!?!

Old vs. New

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Some major shopping happened this weekend! After a week of being basically shut in because of about a foot of snow and temperatures hovering around zero, it appears it was the thing to do! Some purchases… which would you buy?

Old Books?…

or new books?

Old jewelry…

or new jewelry?

Old matches…

or old matches?

Old Linens…




or new”ish” linens?

Both, both, yes and both (and never iron either)!!

It’s the Little Things in Life…

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Thanksgiving, my dad held out his closed hand and gave me this tiny bottle. He, and his brother, used to go to dumping places and dig for old bottles… this is one that he found. Tiny, not worth much, but priceless to me. Christmas, my dad held out his closed hand and gave me the thimble. My mother is a seamstress, but this is not her thimble. However, it was a lucky lady who possessed a sterling thimble with her name engraved on it. My parents always give too much, but these little treasures mean more to me than any other gifts they could have given. My Dad and I are treasure hunters (some people would call us hoarders), but no one else in my family understands our love for the nostalgic. It’s not the “things” its the story and if there is no story to go along… then just create one… sometimes that’s more fun anyway. The story for now is that these two little treasures will be two of the most special additions to my trove.

I started this blog to keep a log of gardening and weather and such… gardening, there is none right now. Weather, well… Friday and Saturday south wind, today north wind. Please come back south wind! It is supposed to be -10 tomorrow… brrrrrr.

Thimble closeups… how do you take a photo of a thimble hallmark? Put thimble in bottle top, turn on flash. The hallmark is for Simons Brothers, Philadelphia, PA.




2014 and Books with Charm

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Yes, more books even though the stacks are already about to topple.  This is (one of) the first purchase(s) for the year… a 1963 Scholastic Book Services publication of “The Three Billy-Goats Gruff” A Norwegian folk tale with woodcuts by Susan Blair.  


What first captured my attention was the illustration on the cover and throughout the book.  The woodcuts are whimsical and just like when I was in grade school, made me want to turn every page fast so as to see what was on the next.


In 1963 there was still an ugly troll…


and for sure he was going to gobble them up. :)


and even more shocking *gasps* the big billy-goat Gruff had two spears “And I’ll poke your eyeballs out at your ears.  I’ve got besides two great, flat stones, And I’ll crush you to bits, body and bones.”

Which he did so he could get to the other side and all three could get fat!


I recall reading this story many times, likely even this version… was I damaged by it?  hummmm… don’t think so. :) Surely the illustrations would not have been appreciated back then, like they are today.

The charm?… the colors of the illustrations, the woodcuts, the quality of the paper, the color of the aged pages, the fact that when you open the cover you have a complete panoramic woodcut illustration and most of all… an unchanged story.


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All wrapped up…


and CHEERS to 2014!!!!


Stars of the Garden

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There are stars and then there are stars…





December already?

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Where does time go anyway?  It seems like summer was just yesterday… now, the waiting for spring begins!!  In the meantime, a little “natural” decorating with things gathered from the farm for me by my brother and youngest nephew… nice of them!  Why didn’t I put those deer antlers in the car??  They would look nice at the base of the pot  …next time!

Just Hangin’ Around

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