Jewel’s garden shed is undergoing a facelift.  There was the biggest smile on my face when I drove in the driveway this evening.  I think part of my smile was that I finally got past my fear of color.  The closet is full of natural, brown, black, white and denim, but very little color.  The same holds true with decorating… wood floors, neutral walls and natural linens.  Why orange you say?  I don’t have a clue… something different I guess. Anyway… if I get tired of it a door is easy to paint… I think. :)

~ by kcjewel on June 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Facelift”

  1. love it! i’m tickled pink…i mean orange for you!

  2. That looks great!

  3. It looks great, I like it!

  4. Love orange!!! It’s a keeper!

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