Finally… blooms

… but not of the real type.  Today we had clouds, snow, rain and temperatures barely above freezing.  Last year, nearly all of the crocus were blooming by this time.  This year, nadda.  So, while visiting one of my favorite bookstores today, Reading Reptile, their window was a virtual flower garden… a veritable window wonderland.  Speaking of wonderland… I’m about to read Alice in Wonderland getting geared up for Depp as the Mad Hatter on 3/5!!!  I’m sure the Tim Burton version will be “interesting”.  Yes, it’s a children’s bookstore *smiles*!  It was a very bright spot in an otherwise cloudy day.

Spring is only 28 days away… I’m on countdown!!!  Wow, this post is all over the place… must have had too much caffeine today!

~ by kcjewel on February 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “Finally… blooms”

  1. So beautiful!!!!!

  2. Beautiful image though! It’s a strange end of winter this year here too.

  3. Very springy… if only on paper.

  4. Such pretty flowers! If it makes you feel better… there are no blooms in sight here in the Dallas area yet either. Looks like spring is keeping everyone waiting this year.

  5. Are they made from tissue paper? So delicate and pretty!

  6. I am going to learn to make these. They are lovely, and the tissue reminds me of poppies. It made a great shot.

  7. Love the colors here. I think I might have gone for a overall softer abstract look so the whole image was a wash of color like the upper background. But then my vision is probably different from yours! ;-)

  8. I’m a boring purist, but someday maybe I’ll come out and play!!

  9. So beautiful and soft looking.

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