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Mattie Rhodes Center, the beginning of their month long Day of the Dead celebration.  She was the loveliest of the calaveras…

Time to Get some Spook on!

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Well, hello beautiful…

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Linen & Lace

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Today, linens were laundered (well some of them), dried on the lawn and topped off with a Guacamole blossom.  The jury is still out on which smells better… the linens or the blossom!  Those that weren’t laundered, well… I just couldn’t take the tags and stickers off of them just yet.  There is something very sentimental here… days on Petticoat Lane, shopping with my Mother and friends… the good old days, as downtown KC no longer exists as it was known then.  Peck’s was on Petticoat Lane, but I don’t remember Richman Brothers.  We did always shop at Emery, Bird, Thayer though… loved that place!  Another day all of the fun little stickers and tags will come off, but the laundered linens will still need to be stored in their EBT box!  Funny how, at estate sales there are these finds… unused beauties just waiting for a new home.


Just Drying

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… and more rain

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The last bloom of Garden Treasure for 2013… the nursery sold me (of course) some fertilizer to hopefully encourage a healthier plant for 2014.




There’s nothing like a walk around the garden after a (nother) spring rain.



New evergreen, “Horstmann’s Silberlocke” Fir, for Jewel (like I have any sun).  It was just too pretty to pass up though!

Rain, Rain, Rain

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Yes, still raining, but this time last year I was practically begging for rain so… no complaining.  When taking this photo I meant to reach down and look at the marker, but forgot… not going out to look now!!  It appears that there may be a couple of dry days coming up for the weekend… fingers crossed, but that means weed pulling, oh fun.


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… is her given name.  Official name, Paeonia Itoh ‘Garden Treasure‘.  I expect this bud to be full bloom tomorrow.  Garden Treasure is one of very few herbaceous yellow peonies.  She only has three buds this year and the plant seems to be shrinking.  Speaking of shrink, if she dies I’ll need one!  ;)

After the rain

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… some of the “big” ones!


Sum and Substance (above) It found it’s home in this pot 2′ pot last year and seems to like it just fine.


Squash Casserole (above) That is Alex Summers to the right and it is a fairly large hosta itself, but next to SC, just a baby.


Blue Angel was one of the first hostas purchased when I moved to Jewel 14 years ago. It doesn’t seem quite as large this year as in the past, but still not for the faint of heart.

These won’t look like this long as our hot summers really take a toll on them, but for now… they love the spring rains and cool nights.