It’s the Little Things in Life…


Thanksgiving, my dad held out his closed hand and gave me this tiny bottle. He, and his brother, used to go to dumping places and dig for old bottles… this is one that he found. Tiny, not worth much, but priceless to me. Christmas, my dad held out his closed hand and gave me the thimble. My mother is a seamstress, but this is not her thimble. However, it was a lucky lady who possessed a sterling thimble with her name engraved on it. My parents always give too much, but these little treasures mean more to me than any other gifts they could have given. My Dad and I are treasure hunters (some people would call us hoarders), but no one else in my family understands our love for the nostalgic. It’s not the “things” its the story and if there is no story to go along… then just create one… sometimes that’s more fun anyway. The story for now is that these two little treasures will be two of the most special additions to my trove.

I started this blog to keep a log of gardening and weather and such… gardening, there is none right now. Weather, well… Friday and Saturday south wind, today north wind. Please come back south wind! It is supposed to be -10 tomorrow… brrrrrr.

Thimble closeups… how do you take a photo of a thimble hallmark? Put thimble in bottle top, turn on flash. The hallmark is for Simons Brothers, Philadelphia, PA.




~ by kcjewel on January 5, 2014.

One Response to “It’s the Little Things in Life…”

  1. So true! It really is the little things that mean the most.
    Wonderful photos!

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