Princess Irene… my favorite tulip




She just started blooming today and at 85 degrees she opened very, very  quickly!!

~ by kcjewel on April 29, 2013.

8 Responses to “Princess Irene… my favorite tulip”

  1. She is beautiful!

    85! Looks like you’ve broken away from winter.

  2. Thanks… I’ve always loved her. She doesn’t rebloom well so it’s always a fall purchase. Yes 85 was a definite breakaway, but there is a chance for a freeze this weekend, so all of my plants are still grouped together on the driveway garden. It’s much easier to cover them when they aren’t already planted!!

  3. She’s got the look
    I want to know better…

    I believe you took this with a dSLR…have I been away and missed something?

  4. Hi there stranger, yes… I took a tiny step forward. :) Trying to get used to focusing again and it’s taking some time. Yes, you do need to get to know the Princess better, but order bulbs early because she sells out fast!!

  5. Tulips are so hard here in Houston. It typically goes from cold to hot in a week or so. However, this year, the cooler weather seems to have lingered longer, so maybe…

  6. Honestly, they only last about a week here as well, but oh what a joyful week and they are no trouble at all. This one doesn’t rebloom so no worries about fertilizing for next year’s bloom or the ugly foliage afterward, just pull her up and discard. However, she has beautiful silvery foliage. One of these years I’m going to pull one up and do the bare bulb botanical look photo… or so I say.

  7. You must get this book:

  8. any excuse to buy a book… looks like a beauty!

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