42 was a KC Monarch

It’s Jackie Robinson Day, and albeit for a short time, Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Baseball League.  This weekend was one spent reminiscing of the good ol’ days.  This painting of Jackie Robinson is part of a mural at 19th and Paseo in KCMO, by muralist Alexander Austin.


Here is the “bigger picture”


… and even bigger picture


… and that is the famous Buck O’Neil, on the right


The Monarchs played at Municipal Stadium at this location. In America this is what we call “progress” :(


Below is the old stadium and some of the downtown buildings can still be seen above. Photo from here.


Next stop… Negro League Baseball Museum.  If you are ever in KC please be sure to visit!


There is much to see including this Jackie Robinson autographed baseball and photograph of the great Satchel Paige with him.



Last, but certainly not least, lunch at Arthur Bryant’s, which was always the stop before heading to the ball park just down the street. (that is no longer there)


Still wrapping those to go orders just like always… except the guy in front of me insisted on his fries being wrapped separate from his sandwich (that’s just wrong).


I don’t ever remember it being this crowded.


… but I do remember this bottle of sauce in the window. Do you suppose it is the same one? (I think it is!)


A lovely day around 18th and Vine… Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman visited the museum on Friday so I missed them, but did not miss the movie. 42 was both heart warming and and heart wrenching all at the same time.

All the players are wearing #42 today… a tribute to a KC Monarch and Brooklyn Dodger, Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson.

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One Response to “42 was a KC Monarch”

  1. That’s some picture of Jackie and Satchel Paige. When I was a kid I loved Jackie Robinson and Satchel was one of my heroes. (I aspired to be an infielder or a pitcher.)

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