It’s a First



Jewel’s first nuthatch… at least first one seen.  Cute little thing!  The last two days were absolutely beautiful.. 65 on Thursday, 82 yesterday and today… well, 41.  You just never know what the midwest is going to deal out.  Whatever though… I’ll take it.  I tagged this spring because it’s almost here.  :)

This photo was taken through a window and screen… not to bad Canon!

~ by kcjewel on March 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “It’s a First”

  1. That is nice! They are neat little birds, and the most friendly of all that we have here.

  2. They know a happy home when they see it;)

  3. If you are getting your bird photos with the 18-135 mm lens, I am impressed. I’ve been using the 75-300 for all my bird photos, and even with that, I feel like I need a bigger zoom.

    That is a redbreasted nuthatch. I’ve only seen them a few times in my life. The white breasted nuthatches are common at our feeders. They are bigger than the redbreasted ones. Lovely picture!

    I think the shutter release is loud. My friend who is a retired professional photographer who is showing me how to use the camera told it is pretty quiet though. I don’t have any other type of camera to compare it to. The birds notice the click when I am shooting outside. I find myself switching back and forth with the two. The 18-135 is excellent for closer up photos and if I want to get the whole landscape. I feel like I need a bigger zoom though and I would love to try a real macro lens.

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