The Emerald City



Union Station was decked out in green, inside and out, for the Oz the Great and Powerful on Friday.  The place was jaw dropping… wish the same could be said for the movie!













This one was inside the new Extreme 3D theatre before the lights went down… camera put away then of course!!





Finally, I got LUCKY… LOL.  Our local dairy, Shatto Milk Company, just released their second limited edition milk for 2013, a mint, chocolate milk “LUCKY”.


That’s a cow with a leprechaun hat on and chewing on a clover…  the back (of the bottle) story…  “We’re pretty sure our cows have eaten a few four-leaf clovers in their time.  Which means that there’s a good chance this here is a pint of lucky milk.  Perhaps capable of grnating wishes.  But, we don’t recommend wishing for more mint chocolate milk-because, well, you already have some.  And that’d just be a waste of a wish. LIMITED EDITION With only 2,000 of these bottles around, luck must be on your side.”


~ by kcjewel on March 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “The Emerald City”

  1. My, that green makes quite a display!

  2. Great photos…are you happy with the camera?! I’m “lucky” to have shared the experience and receive a bottle of “Lucky”

  3. That is pretty spectacular!

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