What a perfect night to sit on the porch and have a SMOOCH!  :)  Our local Shatto Milk Company just released a Chocolate Cherry Milk.  Since chocolate covered cherries are one of my favorite things I couldn’t wait to try the milk.  It did not disappoint!!

Here is the cute story on the back of the bottle…

“This milk is so good you might want to kiss one of the cows. But we don’t really recommend it.  That’ll inevitably lead to that awkward moment when you’re both just looking at each other, wondering where this whole thing is going, and if it was a mistake for you to have made the first move.  Because yes.  Yes, it was.”

This sweet thing is one of 2000 in stores — show it some love.

So I did…. drank the whole pint right out of the bottle.  :)


G9 is back and in good working order… thank goodness!


~ by kcjewel on February 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “SMOOCH!”

  1. I need me some “smooch”, Shatto kind, and I need it now!!! Great photos, wish I was there:(

  2. Does that ever sound good! Glad the G9 is back!

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