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Today’s estate sale was a bust, but the company was the best!  Since there isn’t much to remember about today’s purchases except a couple of Manor Bakery tins and a ball of pink twine how about something from last week’s sale, close to BB’s BBQ.  What is in a house says so much about the person who lived there… this one was full of fine things… OLD, fine things.  The sewing tin was full of lace and millinery flowers, some crystals, and the beautiful and well used pincushion.  While searching through, I thought… wow, I only paid five and I just found a ten… it is a calling card, but it sure fooled me!  The little oil lamp and silver bowl were added bonuses.  First thoughts were to repair the pincushion with the silk scarf, but that’s isn’t going to happen… it’s just too pretty and in perfect condition.  The I Am Loved button will stay in it’s exact place, even if repair is done.  Yes, she was a lover of fine things from furniture to Helzberg Diamonds.

Beautiful 58 degree day today and supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  Since there has been no moisture yet this year I will run around with the hose tomorrow to hopefully give the conifers a little boost.

~ by kcjewel on January 18, 2013.

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  1. Such treasures for the “treasure chest”!

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