Signs of Fall

The sweet autumn clematis is blooming and filling the air with the familiar scent that indicates fall is almost here.  Given that, until Saturday,  there had been three months without rain it has been survival of the fittest and this clematis is definitely one of the fittest!    The dry weather has really kept it at bay since it typically is out of control by this time.  Maybe there are some good things about the dry weather. ;)


Someone left an acorn in the fairy moss today… squirrel or chipmunk no doubt.  Nice… much nicer than digging everything out of the pot!

Since last post… about 5 inches of rain (yes, all at once… thank you Isaac) and a new hard drive (not fun)… still trying to recover everything from the old drive (more not fun since I had my Airport turned off)!  It wasn’t working right so it seemed logical to just turn it off… at the time that is. :(

~ by kcjewel on September 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “Signs of Fall”

  1. I just went through that too. Luckily I had everything on a backup hard drive using time machine.

  2. oh i’m sorry terry… definitely not something one wants to do very often!!
    my time machine still isn’t working… grrrrr

  3. magical fairy moss…wish mine had made it

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