Google fiber is here!


Shuttlecock lights! Homage to the Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen sculptures at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. These lights are in the Google fiber space, new in Kansas City today.  Kansas City is the first city in the US to receive Google’s high speed internet.  Lucky us!!


The Google fiber space is full of Kansas City, in many forms.  This mural was done by artist, Alexander Austin.  There is that shuttlecock again!!   “… fastest city in the nation…”  Yes, we are about to be just that!!  :)


Move over Time Warner, there are new trucks in town and there are friendly people all around them… ready and willing to talk and laugh and high five about what is about to happen in KC!


Google fiber shared Ice Cream Sammiches from our local Shatto Milk Company. Thank you Google for promoting local businesses.

Love the humor on the wrapper “OPEN BEFORE EATING (We’re talking to you, Tom)” Must be a story there!  The back of the label is full of fun… “Here at Shatto we’re a tad bit old fashioned – we have a comment box. We want people to share their thoughts. Recently we have been receiving tons of feedback about our ice cream sammiches. We’ve learned a lot from every response except this one: Fabric Softener – Bread – Bananas. Ok people please make sure you don’t mistake your grocery list for a comment card. Although if you are going to the store, would you mind getting us some eggs?” Also there are the following instructions:

DO A FIST PUMP (AFTER EATING) – I got the fist pump down!!

There are also calories listed… enough said! —


Well, the Google bunny got trampled in the parking lot, but it didn’t stop him because I saw him again, later this afternoon, in front of Torres Pizza in Waldo!

~ by kcjewel on July 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Google fiber is here!”

  1. How FUN! Love the ida of hte shuttlecock light – so clever and brings me back to my childhood playing badminton!

    I also love companies with a sense of humor as in your Shatto Milk Company story! Who says “business” has to be boring?? What a hoot! :-)

  2. Great pics….we need Google in Independence and not Comcast.

  3. Thanks Tracy… I have a pretty decent collection of vintage shuttlecocks and someday they will be photographed… maybe after retirement because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all of the fun things before then. :) Everything Shatto is to die for and all of their packaging is clever, even their milk bottles… who knew a milk bottle could be fun?!!… Shatto did!!

    Tx Joy and I think the dislike of Time Warner and Comcast in our area is fairly widespread!! I hear a few people who are pleased with their Uverse though so I hope this doesn’t hurt AT&T too bad. I did ask yesterday if greater KC would be eligible soon… they said as soon as KC proper was complete they thought that the burbs would be next. There is hope on the way… no ESPN yet though, but they are hopeful. :)

  4. I love the shuttlecocks! That was a great idea! I envy the Google speed that you are getting. We don’t even have reliable cell service here!

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