Hot enough?!!


Not sure of the incubation temperature of cardinal eggs, but the momma was off her nest this afternoon at 106 degrees.  I wouldn’t be sitting with that plastic surrounding me today, that’s for sure!  There is all kinds of pretty nesting material that I’ve scattered around, you would think they could use some of it rather than the ugly plastic… no doubt it is very strategically placed though.  There was a dead robin in the lawn today and it didn’t appear to be a death due to a predator so possibly it perished in the heat.  There are plenty of birdbaths and the water gets changed twice daily so hopefully it was not from lack of water. :(

This is an interesting journal of a cardinal nesting… someone with more time than me since I rarely get a glimpse unless I’m running by with the water hose.  It’s tough keeping up with the watering in this heat and drought, but hitting those that look wilted seems to be working for now… no lawn watering happening though so will just hope for the best when it comes to the grass.

Baby update and a sad one… the babies hatched on Wednesday 7/18 and I was worried because they were in the nest laying on their backs barely breathing in the 105 degree heat.  The next day they were still laying there barely breathing, but last night at 7 they were heads up, mouths open ready for what looked like to be their first meal.  Then, this morning… a cat destroyed the nest and the rest is history. :(  I loath irresponsible pet owners and the owners of this one are known, but I’m too angry to even say anything to them today.

~ by kcjewel on July 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Hot enough?!!”

  1. It’s getting hot here now too but not that hot. I’ve also been keeping plenty of water out and lots of birds are appreciating it. Even a young whitetail buck stopped for a long drink today.

  2. I will bet that is hot! The other day, we had a storm and a cute little nest fell out of one of our pines. It had a piece of dental floss woven in.

    Let’s hope you cool down soon.

  3. Shame such a pretty bird would use plastic…and who needs grass?!

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