Red, White and Blue


Nothing really says summer more than red, white and blue along with a bucket of Annabelle hydrangea blossoms, Queen Anne’s lace and Old Glory accompanied by a picnic basket topped off with traditional picnic fabric and ticking!

Typically there is no photo editing in my repertoire, but this photo was all out of focus and off kilter so what the heck… and I kinda liked the result.  Amazing what can be done to somewhat “rescue” a photograph.


Usually taking garden shots is fun, but when it is 100 degrees, with 56% humidity and the mosquitoes are biting like crazy, just shoot and run back inside to the air conditioning!!


New little $5 red table from the thrift store… I LOVE THAT PLACE!!  :)


Jewel’s screen porch is getting a facelift… the new posts are in, but no screen and I really like not having to look through screen. Unfortunate thing is.. it’s very easy for the bugs to get in!! This morning the table and a chair needed to find their home back out there. Just had to sit a spell and think about how I used to be able to see the neighbor’s house. Yes, I do like my privacy.

The newly remodeled shed took on a patriotic flair today as well. On the agenda for tomorrow… paint that green thing that the flags and bird are in. A photo sure can draw attention to things that just don’t look right.


Happy 4th… be safe and have fun!!

~ by kcjewel on July 3, 2012.

6 Responses to “Red, White and Blue”

  1. I love it all!!! Can’t wait to see it in person, maybe that red table will find it’s way into my trunk;)

  2. Tx and I don’t think that table will fit into your trunk! ;)

  3. The garden shots are beautiful, but 100° and 56% humidity, my goodness!

  4. Tx Terry… can you say H.O.T! No rain for a month either so I’m watering my roof tomorrow for fear of the fireworks!!

  5. You really have a gift for display. Do you do that for a living?

  6. hi sandy… thank you! no i don’t, but i sure wish i did!! :)

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