Year of the Hydrangea


Before the heat set in it has definitely been the best year, in my recollection anyway, for hydrangeas.  Probably a combination of our mild winter and nice damp spring contributed to the blossoms on some that had not bloomed for a few years.  It’s too bad that I don’t keep a nice record of my plants so I would know what this one is… guess I need to make up a name… any ideas?

Looks like at least another week of 100+ and no rain… that will dry out the hydrangea blossoms for some nice fall arrangements!

~ by kcjewel on June 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “Year of the Hydrangea”

  1. That’s a real beauty!

  2. Beautiful. Hydrangeas are difficult to identify since the flower color is affected by soil pH. This one doesn’t look familiar to me (and I have 8 different varieties in my garden).

  3. Stunning! Glad you’ve been able to enjoy them even more this year. I just planted a twig of a hydrangea last fall, but it’s gonna take a lot more growing before I can even begin to dream of beautiful blooms like this one!

  4. Gorgeous hydrangea! Could it be one of the ‘Double Delights’ that Home Depot sells?? Whatever it is, it’s a beauty.
    Thanks for leaving me a comment. I enjoyed reading your latest posts. Love all the garden decor you have mixed with your flowers. We have that in common!

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