In Harmony…


the wisteria with the cedar…


the clematis with the rose…


and the rose with the elder.


This weekend was the last weekend of open tours of the new Mormon Temple in Kansas City.  I came, I saw, I left.  It was a very well orchestrated tour… showing just enough, but not too much.  I just don’t get it, but don’t have to because I choose a place of worship with open doors.  To each his own… that is why I love that flag and what it stands for!  I’ll stop there because I don’t intend for this to be a religious or political post. ;)

Unfortunately those clouds didn’t bring any rain… less than a half inch of rain in April. At that rate it’s going to be a long dry summer!  Hopefully this is not a trend!

~ by kcjewel on April 27, 2012.

5 Responses to “In Harmony…”

  1. Your plants are lovely. They look like ours in mid summer.
    I saw that building on the noon news a couple of weeks ago. I agree with you, but do like those blue windows!!

  2. The little town I grew up in had a wisteria festival every March. Every time I see one of those lovely purple blooms I get all nostalgic. Thanks for posting!

  3. Those are gorgeous… especially like the wisteria.

  4. Really dry spring here, too. When the farmers around here are plowing and disking, there are clouds of dust. Hope May ends up bringing some rain. Love the wisteria against the cedar.

  5. So happy to have seen it (your garden) in person…beautiful:)

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