Life’s a Beech!


Yes a beech!  Three years and four trees later (no, they are not cheap), I’m finally getting leaves.  Oh happy day… I’ve waited for a long time to get this temperamental tree to live at jewel and hopefully this one is going to make it.  Even though it is getting leaves it will still be treated with all of the TLC that I can muster… it will not get the best of me again! :)

Lots of newness in the garden this week, the first herbaceous peonies bloomed, the poppies began blooming on Tuesday, the first rose of summer (the bushes are loaded and about to explode with color), and the rhodie is georgeous!  It has been a beautiful spring and I’ve barely done any work… maybe it’s not such a bad idea to let the garden do it’s own thing!  It’s supposed to be in the 30’s tonight for the first time in a few weeks so several plants made it under cover for the night, but hopefully everything else will make it through ok… it’s a clear night, and wasn’t real warm today, so it could get colder than expected.  Tomorrow will be a watering day… never watered in April before, but we are very short on moisture.  The last couple of rains have gone all around the area… hopefully it will rain soon!  Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE SPRING?!!!!

~ by kcjewel on April 20, 2012.

6 Responses to “Life’s a Beech!”

  1. That’s a very beautiful shot! From the perspective of us around here, you are getting into summer already!

  2. Lovely!

  3. Hah, but a nice one! The beeches are so nice in winter, in the woods. They are my favorite of that time.

    Great photography, Jewel.

  4. terry, thanks and yes we are fast headed that direction and it appears it’s going to be a very dry one!

    thank you sandy, beeches aren’t very hardy here, but hopefully i’ve finally got this one going. i do have a weeping black beech as well… it was much easier to get acclimated than the tri-color!!

    SKE thanks and thank you for visiting

  5. i must come and see soon…that “heart” must be doing the trick

  6. indeed it is joy… that is a LOT of heart! :)

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