Let’s Boogie!


This isn’t the first iris to bloom at jewel, but it has been at least five years since it has bloomed.  In fact, it was near death when the one tiny rhizome made it to this spot, where it seems to have settled in well.  When I opened the front door this morning, there it was… it literally took my breath away.


It’s a jungle out there!!!


After being greeted by Let’s Boogie this morning, I was in iris mode.  Saturday usually consists of an estate sale and there was a huge grouping of the yellow beauty below at the estate house.  One root made it home with me (yes, I asked before yanking it out of the ground).  Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this one so I’ll have to give it a name… any ideas?


~ by kcjewel on April 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “Let’s Boogie!”

  1. My Goodness, what a beautiful iris!

  2. I was going to say that, Terry!
    It really is, Jewel.

  3. Thanks Terry and Sandy. I think it may be one of the prettiest I’ve ever had. I have a soft spot for “Edith Wolford”, but haven’t had one for a few years. The borers got about all of my iris 5 years ago and this is the only one that I salvaged.

  4. Simply stunning! Beautiful iris indeed!

  5. That is one gorgeous iris!

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