Wow… time flies!!  This photo is from March 25th… the tulips are gone, another First Friday has passed and Easter has been here and gone.  There have been lots of photos, but no time to post or even enjoy them for that matter, but boy has jewel ever been pretty this “early” spring!!  We are having a “cold” spell right now… upper 60s in the day and lower 40s at night.  Tonight it is even supposed to dip down to 34.  That’s almost too close for comfort given that everything is up and growing by leaps and bounds.  Despite the fact that we haven’t had much moisture things look beautiful.  The hosta “Squash Casserole” is getting its leaves and blooms at the same time… weeeeeird!!  Well, for now I’m gone like the magnolias, redbuds, lilacs, dogwood… happy gardening everyone!! (and if you don’t garden, happy spring time in general) :)

~ by kcjewel on April 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Tulip”

  1. Simply gorgeous, Jewel!

  2. Beautiful

  3. What a beautiful shot! Hard to believe that your tulips have already gone; ours have not yet started to bloom.

  4. Beautiful! Looking forward to more blooms :-)

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