Night and Day


Can anyone say spring???  It has been a week of over 80 degree weather and it might be appropriate to say “where is” spring… even though all of the flowers say spring, the weather definitely says summer.  These two pictures were taken of the same bush in the evening and below in the early afternoon.  Changes in light can definitely alter the mood of a subject!


A few of the blooms made it to a tiny vase there by Frankenchicken!!


… and look what popped up in the back yard over night!!  April 24, 2010 there were morels on my driveway…. this early sighting has to be a record!!


~ by kcjewel on March 29, 2012.

8 Responses to “Night and Day”

  1. Love that yellow…is it a bush? Oh, to have a pot full of morels!

  2. According to the weather, it’s been spring all winter! ;-)
    Lighting does make a big difference, and I much prefer the second one.

  3. myjoy it’s the bush that i brought you the cuttings from ;) … yes, still blooming!

    i would say so too michaela… and i like the second one too. the absence of shadows certainly makes for a better photo!

  4. I like it both ways, and really like the third shot.

  5. thanks sandy… frankenchicken didn’t photograph too badly ;)

  6. Beautiful flowers, and morels! You are getting into summer already!

  7. thanks terry… yes, i’ve never seen morels before april and usually the end of april. my dad is the great morel hunter so i told him it is time!!

  8. Oh, my morels! I know it has been an early spring, but that is definitely some kind of a record for sure. Those yellow flowers look like buttercups on a bush.

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