Tagged (3)… the makings


Is it really March already?  First Friday rolls around quicker than seems possible, but it’s always such a fun day it’s alright by me!  The usual First Friday stops were on the agenda and we even managed to fit in a stop at Sheehan’s Irish Imports.  Sheehan’s just seemed like the “March” thing to do and what fun… wonderful owners, a cup of tea… yes, with cream and sugar… and a wee bit o’ shoppin.  Oh, and April will bring change at Christopher Elbow… some of the chocolates “leaving” are Winter Spice Caramel, Red Currant, Brown Butter Molasses, Rosemary Caramel and Whiskey Walnut… new arrivals are, well… a secret, according to the kind person behind the counter.  I LOVE secrets!!! :)


Random things were collected for Tagged (3) and are here waiting for a day of inspiration (hopefully before March 17th), however… one cannot rush inspiration. ;)  Some of the Marchey finds won’t make it to the tag, but are fun so made it to the photos.


It might be difficult to cut up this sweet little piece of shamrock and rose lace, but that is what it was purchased for so it will likely happen.



Welcome! … March!!

~ by kcjewel on March 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Tagged (3)… the makings”

  1. Yes, Welcome, March!

  2. Looks like it will be a “Marchy” tag:) Fun, fun day!

  3. Love the shamrock and rose lace…was this a first friday find or Sheehan’s. Missed 1t Friday, back out and too much on my desk.

  4. Thanks! The lace was found at Bottom’s Up… she had more. She is on the third floor and is directly opposite the stairway door facing the opposite direction on the back side… one of my favorite vendors and I don’t know her name, how embarrassing!

  5. Nice pics…

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