Triple Threat


It was actually triple threat times two this weekend.  Not only was it First Friday (and BFFs birthday), MU vs KU (MIZZOU WINS!!), and Super Bowl Sunday (Giants win)… it was a triple threat Christopher Elbow weekend.  It’s that time of year again and the Boulevard Chocolate Ale only lasts a matter of hours due to the local consumer madness… myself included.  First Friday is always a Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolate day… a dozen of my favorites, Venezuelan Spice, Madagascar and Venezuelan Dark were the take home (ok 15… 3 were gone by the time this photo was taken).  It was a bit embarrassing ordering that many, but the feeling was short lived… the lady after me ordered FIFTY Caramel with Fleur de Sel!!


This weekend was the first visit (of many I’m sure) to Glacé Artisan Ice Cream… had to indulge in my favorite CE chocolate, Venezuelan Spice, in ice cream form. FABULOUS!! This was a small, the cup smaller than the business card it was sitting on, and I could barely eat down to the top of the cup… still have some… actually a couple of spoonfuls is all it takes to satisfy.  :)


If you are lucky enough to taste any of the above you will find them all a small piece of heaven!!  Thank you Christopher Elbow and Boulevard, but it will probably be a while before I try all three in one weekend again!  All that and Manny’s as well as the normal super bowl party food and refreshments too… no wonder I feel strange today… I probably gained 10 pounds this weekend!!!!

And… here ya go… if you need something special for Valentines’ Day, order now!!  If you need my address just shoot me an email. ;)

~ by kcjewel on February 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Triple Threat”

  1. Can’t wait to taste that ice cream! Why didn’t we just buy ourselves a box of chocolates…there will be no better?!

  2. we still can :)

  3. It would be just a double threat for me…. the Chocolate Ale is all yours! Would NOT be able to say no to the chocolates or ice-cream, though! ;-)

  4. Mmmmm! They all sound decadent! Those little chocolate are so beautiful, I’m not sure I could actually eat them. (Yeah right!)

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