Proud to be an American?


… sometimes not so much!  This is Holy Name Church at 23rd and Benton Boulevard Kansas City, MO… from this angle she looks like she will stand forever doesn’t she?  If America wasn’t such a wasteful society yes she would.   But following is a 360 at what is happening to this beauty… above you can probably see that she is missing her beautiful stained glass… below you can begin to see the magnitude of the event… the demolition of Holy Name Church.


Going around the building to the east side…


then toward the northeast…



Here is where the emotion really begins to set in…


and here is where I lose it.  What in the world are we thinking of, as a society, to allow this kind of thing to take place?


It is two-thirds gone, the west entrance only a skeleton of steel beams… demolition quickly moving to the face towers.


… the west side


… finally what I suppose will be the last piece of stone and copper to come down.  No, I don’t have any personal ties to Holy Name Church, but I do have ties to the fact that we have no respect for our history, yes you Kansas City… this should never have happened. How can a building on the National Register of Historic Places end up in rubble?  What will appear in this corner in her place?… a convenience store where someone will end up shot dead in the parking lot? Unfortunately, if I were to predict, that is likely.  Sometimes I wonder… what motivates our society… the only thing that comes to mind is the almighty dollar, i.e, GREED!  It’s no wonder that other countries don’t like us… I don’t even like us sometimes.

I promise to have a happier post next time… this just struck a nerve today when passing by…

~ by kcjewel on February 4, 2012.

6 Responses to “Proud to be an American?”

  1. It has happened to three beautiful churches up here, that I know of. There could be more. You are right, it is a crying shame to lose them.

  2. Breaks my heart to see this church go…and more heart breaking—we as a society in America are a “throw away” people. Just saying, my opinion. And yet, living in this Country, I am allowed to voice that opinion.

  3. Very, very sad. We have lost some of our soul.

  4. So sad. The parish I grew up in which has one of the most beautiful churches in upstate NY was slated to closed and sold a few years back. Thankfully the local people banded together and raised enough money to keep it open–and it now has a trust fund for long term matainance. It would have been a huge lost to close it–it is built from local sandstone quarried a few miles away and patterned after a church in Italy.

    Agree with Montucky–with the closing and demolision of beautiful churches, our country is loosing part of our soul…

  5. Shame on me as I live in your area and was not aware this beautiful historical church was being destroyed… how could it have happened??

    You definitely captured the history & soul of the building in your photos of destruction… so SAD it was destroyed!

    I encourage you to see if the KC Historical Society may want copies of your photos for their archives.

    BTW, Joy connected me to your blog & am enjoying it!

  6. Thank you Tami… it is a very sad story and one that happens much to often in this country. We are such a wasteful society. Thank you for the idea and thank you for visiting… glad JB connected you. :)

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