Never before March…


… have the hellebores bloomed here.  As well, I’m not sure that I have memory of a winter when we have not had snow and honestly, it is so dry it is difficult to determine how they even set any blooms.  Hopefully there will be time this week to share some additional photos of just what is happening out there… it’s almost difficult to believe! Today 45… this week the forecast is… 64, 61, 58, 55, 43, 41… more like March than January as well, exept no rain in sight.

This was reworked a bit… still not what I had hoped for, but maybe I’ll get better at it as the year goes on??!  The collection was found on January 2012 First Friday so even though it may not be perfect… each item holds special meaning and collectively depict a fond memory.



~ by kcjewel on January 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Never before March…”

  1. I’ve been looking through your past photos. I like them all. I think you see what’s around you like I do. Looking forward to coming back often.

  2. They are lovely, so perfect. I hope they will survive the rest of the winter.

  3. I cannot believe those blooms…really it’s January?!?! I’m not sure what you mean by “perfect”…love it!!

  4. Seems to be a crzy year already, weather wise. It’s only January, and Melissa’s allergies have already started… almost two months earlier than usual!!

  5. I have been fascinated by your winter this year. Amazing! Ours has been far from normal, but not as outrageous as yours. Great photos!

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