If a truck could talk…


what kind of story would this one tell?  While visiting some estate sales yesterday this forlorn Ford F600 spoke to me.  Maybe it is because I’m thinking of putting those galvanized panels on my garden shed, however maybe it was trying to say something else… something on the order of… if you don’t stop going to estate sales you might be living in the likes of me someday!  I didn’t hear it actually say that though so it’s off to another one… LOL

~ by kcjewel on January 21, 2012.

5 Responses to “If a truck could talk…”

  1. too fun! maybe you will have to travel in it!

  2. Yes, that back would make me wonder too! I’d have to try to peek in!

  3. my023… only if you went along! we could put your hubs in a rocker on top. lol

    terry… i didn’t, but i hope there are not benches in it!! ;)

  4. That is pretty cool. I would have liked to take a peak inside, too.

  5. Hmm…that’s interesting. I grew up on a farm, but didn’t see anything like that. Seems like they needed to keep something from flying out of the truck during transport.

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