First, First Friday 2012


Can’t think of a memory of too many January first Fridays that have been 60 degrees… what beautiful weather we are having and it seems that there is more of the same tomorrow.  It’s pretty easy to take a few freezing days when there are three or four 60 degree days in between.  First Friday destination is always the West Bottoms… things are growing there, as well as the Crossroads Art District.  It was surprising that there weren’t more people out this evening given this beautiful weather!  The photo above was taken at our favorite photographer’s, Melinda Dennis, gallery area.  She said she picked up the tumbleweeds, while coming back from vacation… her husband was sleeping!


Love how people can make simple things so beautiful.  I’m not sure who’s area this was, but the sunshine was casting some perfect light.


My guess is that hand crafted furniture making is rare these days, but at Bennett Mullens Furniture Makers, their art was in full swing today.  I’m sure he leaves a bit of his soul in every piece.  (I don’t edit, but should I crop that light out?)

Happy First Friday everyone… it really is an event in Kansas City, not just something that I’ve conjured up for my blog!


~ by kcjewel on January 6, 2012.

5 Responses to “First, First Friday 2012”

  1. That is just my kind of event. I have a floor vase to fill (it still has Christmas greens in it) I think I will go out looking for something natural.

  2. LOVE the tumbleweed! When we surround ourselves with natural items, I think we then feel more connected to this earth and therefore, more calm at at peace.

    That chair is divine – quite a talented artisan!

  3. Wonderful, the only tumble weed in this house is made from dog hair and is lurking in the corner of the kitchen; maybe I should be doing house work not reading blogs! The light? yea and no!

  4. You capture a lot of special events in KC. It must be a very nice atmosphere there.

  5. […] We also found a man who makes furniture…I think I have a couple projects for him…You can see him on this website: […]

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