Joys of a New Year


It appears that the reason people use a light box is so that the unsightly shadows that are in this photo aren’t there… oh well… no room at jewel for a light box!  The new year started with a little stitching project among friends and two new “favorites”… InkJoy pens and evolution of smooth (eos) sweet mint lip balm sphere.  Both have a new home in the stitch basket.  The Chiefs beat the Broncos, the weather is still absolutely beautiful (getting cold tonight) and the beans (black eyes peas) were delish. Oh, and the lovely scissors were one of the favorite Christmas gifts this year.  Things seem to be off to a great start… bring it… 2012!!


~ by kcjewel on January 2, 2012.

8 Responses to “Joys of a New Year”

  1. Your stitching project caught my attention. When I was a child my mother did a lot of that and she would sometimes let me help with some of the easy parts. I will never forget!

  2. Happy New Year! (If I haven’t said that yet ;-) )
    I love to cross-stitch, but haven’t stitched anything in quite a while. I need to make time this year, to cross-stitch four Christmas stockings!! I better get started really soon!!

  3. Love the new project and products! Hope your new year is filled with lots of joy;)

  4. Such a beautiful cross stitch!
    Not me in the pic….it links to my hubbies blogger…for some reason….I have my own blog called at home with mel mel!


  5. This is the second cross stitch I have seen today. I need to get started on something. I am thinking crows.

  6. Terry that is such a nice memory… do you have any of your mother’s stitching?

    Michaela I would say yes you better get busy… one every 2-3 months would be a challenge! I hope to see a post of the start of one in a few weeks. ;o)

    Joy… I found a frame in my basement! Still looking for another one…

    Mel, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to checking out your blog as well. We thrifters think alike!

    Sandy… how about blackbirds? Blackbird Designs is awesome and they are friends of mine. Check them out and I’m sure your local needlework shop carries them.

  7. Beautiful work and colors. I miss having a Cross Stitch…

  8. thank you for visiting my blod Ultimate Dreamer Journal, hope you find it interesting and will visit us regulary. God bless you.

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