Almost 2012




~ by kcjewel on December 31, 2011.

10 Responses to “Almost 2012”

  1. LOVE it!!!! Can’t wait to usher in a New Year with you:)

  2. Can’t wait… tomorrow will be the kickoff to a fabby 2012!!

  3. Happy New Year!!

  4. Tx… HNY to u2 Michaela!

  5. Happy New Year, Jewel! (And may I add a word to your board too” “Leap” year.)

  6. Thanks Terry… HNY to u2! I forgot it was leap year… have to work an extra day for the same pay this year and my cousin will have a birthday. ;o)

  7. Clever! Happy New Year! :-)

  8. Thank u Tracy… HNY to u2!! I’m looking forward to your 2012 blogging. :)

  9. Well, aren’t you smart!
    We have that same board.

  10. sandy… then i bet you have those same letters too! ;)

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