Gettin’ Some Holiday On


Shatto Egg Nog, McLain’s Cup Cookies, Great Friends &  a CHIEFS WIN OVER THE GREEN BAY PACKERS, (yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus) oh, and Crown… let the holidays begin!!

Note… I reeeeally wanted the bottle with “CHEERS” on it, but that awesome egg nog is scarce and I only had three bottles to choose from… LOCAL, FRESH and TASTY so TASTY it was!  Oh well, that bottle will go back to the store and maybe I’ll get lucky and find a CHEERS next time.

Cheers to the final days of 2011!

~ by kcjewel on December 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “Gettin’ Some Holiday On”

  1. Looks good! Here’s to the Chiefs: I could hardly believe that when I saw the results, but good for them!

  2. Cheers to a great day!

  3. Eggnog? Cookies? Friends? Sounds like a perfect day… ;-)

  4. Packers? Chiefs? That part is all Greek to this girl who’s brain can barely distinguish one sport from another, but eggnog, cookies, and friends sounds like a winning combination no matter the circumstances!

  5. Oohhh, YUM!!
    Happy, HAPPY Holidays! :-)

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