Hotel Phillips


1929-30; architect, Boillot and Lauck.

Fatigue was setting in here… we had already been to the museum and to the lovely Tag Team Tompkins studio, prior to the Hotel Muehlebach and The Aladdin, so please forgive the photo quality. This really is an absolutely beautiful hotel… a 20-story Jacobethan-style building that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the Kansas City Register.


There were MANY trees… this one a bit overshadowed by the massive light.


and there was this one, which was lovely, but my attention went to the winter arrangement on the table.


and who doesn’t love a dark lounge covered in wood with a tree?


I saved the worst photo for last, but take a look at that cart of packages… I hope they were driving and not flying!

Taking photos of dark rooms with bright lights is beyond my expertise… classes may be in order.  If anyone would like to share knowledge in a comment please feel free to share as I would love the assistance.

Some internet facts about the Hotel Phillips…

“Even before this address was transformed into an elegant boutique hotel, it had a place in Kansas City’s heart. When completed in 1931 (for an astronomical $1.6 million), the 20-story, 450-room hotel was the tallest in the Midwest, and the only commercial structure with a radio receiver in every room. A famous gentleman ran the haberdashery on the ground floor—Harry S. Truman.

Many of the Art Deco details from the 1930s remain today: the elaborate bronze and nickel metalwork, lustrous walnut paneling, stylish light fixtures and black glass on the ceiling (I forgot to look up) that creates the illusion of endless space.

Back then, as now, gazing over the lobby is a gilded 11-foot likeness of the goddess of Dawn, known as the mother of the stars. Plenty of stars have certainly glided past the gleaming marble walls over the decades, from John Barrymore through current-day celebrities such as Tina Turner.”

Oh, there was an effort at re-fueling at 12 Baltimore.  The Cream of Cauliflower soup was delightful, but didn’t provide much energy for the hotels remaining… next on the list, The Savoy and it’s thought to be haunted… this could be a memorable visit!


~ by kcjewel on December 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hotel Phillips”

  1. Seeing those tall buildings reminds me that the tallest building within 300 miles from where I live is an 11 story dorm at the U of Montana. I sure love the second photo with the huge light. That’s great!

  2. These old hotels are so much prettier than the new ones.
    They did a nice job, decorating for the holidays (and I hope those people with the packages were driving a U-Haul! ;-) )
    Nothing lacking in the photo quality, they’re beautiful!

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