We may have started a new tradition this Thanksgiving… even though there was cheesecake, pecan bars, pumpkin pie and apple crisp, the nephews had a great time making these acorn treats.  However, they did eat as many as they stuck together… which was fine since the parents weren’t around.  ;)

~ by kcjewel on November 26, 2011.

7 Responses to ““Nutty””

  1. YUMMMMM!!! I would be eating them while I was making them, too. Quality control, ya know? ;-)
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. How fun! Any left?

  3. Those sure wouldn’t last long around me!

  4. So would I. My grandsons are teens, but they would go for these.

  5. thanks for the comments everyone… michaela, they sure were yummmmm, joy, sorry but no there aren’t (but we can make some), terry, you should try them and sandy you and your grandsons too!

  6. Oh, those are so cute! I can see making them with my husbands’s two little grandsons…

  7. These seeme to be all the rage this season! Yummy and easy!! (oh, and photogenic!) :-)

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