Kansas City Garment District


Serious efforts are being made to revive Kansas City’s downtown.  Great strides have been made, but it would have been easier if the ruination had not been allowed to begin with.  It’s all very sad to me that we have such a wasteful culture… just tear it down and build something new is definitely not a philosophy that I’m fond of.  The Kansas City Garment Museum is housed in the lobby of DST System office building.  A bit of the history can be found in this article.


This TWA stewardess uniform was one displayed in the current collection.  The collection changes each season so it seems we will return to see other garments.  A couple of interesting facts about this uniform is that it was the longest worn uniform and the shoulder pieces unbuttoned and folded down over the TWA so the stewardesses could smoke when off duty.  A bit more about the uniform can be found at the website of the Kansas City Museum.  The hat was made by Stetson.


I picked up a pair of these scissors… I can’t imagine holding them for a lengthy period of time… they were extremely heavy!

It was a beautiful day that began at the museum and continued to the west bottoms to see some of our favorite artists, Melinda Dennis, Ginger Schrader and Greg Johnson.  The predictable part of the day, as always, was Manny’s, then Christopher Elbow Chocolates and a few galleries in the Crossroads.  Oh, and we must not forget an estate sale and a tiny bit of thrifting.  I’m sure some pictures of those places will surface as the weekend progresses… that is, if I can get myself away from Pinterest!

Another fabulous first Friday!!

~ by kcjewel on November 4, 2011.

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