Close, Closer… Closest


There is lots of orange and blue (and a little bit of pink) going on in the garden right now… outside of the tree leaves though. Unfortunately, it is so dry that the trees are simply losing their leaves before they turn their usual brilliant colors.  Forest Lawn Cemetery is normally on fire with color this time of year and I left there yesterday without taking one photograph… maybe next year! At jewel there is much blooming especially in the pots that the squirrels haven’t dug everything out of.  I guess since the ground is too hard they have to find someplace to dig… where do those varmints fall in the food chain anyway??!!!   There seems to be a slight chance of rain on Tuesday as well as a chance for a freeze.  I’m hoping for rain and no freeze, or a freeze with rain would be ok… but please, no freeze without a rain!!


~ by kcjewel on October 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Close, Closer… Closest”

  1. blanket flower, firewheel? I think that is the state flower of Oklahoma.

    We are having the exact same kind of autumn. Very little color or even leaves on the trees.

    We did see some nice color on Friday in the northwestern part of the state. I have photos posted on my blog.

  2. Those “varmints” need to go…or at least leave the pots alone. Thank goodness they left a lovely flower.

  3. What a pretty flower! Looks so soft and fuzzy :-)

  4. That’s a beautiful blossom! We’ve had some rain the last several weeks and really enjoyed it. I just don’t care for the freezing kind.

  5. WoW! sharp! SharpeR! SHARPEST! ;)

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