Cuttings and Seeds


This planting was totally accidental and probably it won’t be able to be duplicated next year.  The container is a metal birdbath of sorts… about two inches deep with about an inch an a half of actual soil.  This spring I broke a 2″ start from three plants, the snowflake (maybe blush) euphorbia, creeping jenny and the lime sedum (don’t know what it’s called).  I watered it every day, fed it faithfully and now those two inch cuttings have spilled out of the bowl.  The large lime green plant is called Jewels of Opar and is, in part, how jewel got it’s name… they were everywhere when I arrived and they seed prolifically when given enough sun… there are two or three here that “flew in” from a nearby plant.

Finally enough rain today to settle the dust, but not enough to measure… maybe Wednesday they say!


~ by kcjewel on October 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cuttings and Seeds”

  1. Mother Nature certainly has a way, doesn’t she? ;-) In my landscape, I find all sorts of plants growing in the strangest places…I even have a bonsai-looking choke-cherry tree that is growing out of a crevice in our rock ledge. I spotted it there when we were first developing the area behind the pool and just as hubby was about to pull the sapling out, I said, ‘Wait…I’d like to see what that little thing will do.’ Boy am I glad I did! It is one of my favorite little areas in the garden.

    Lovely planter. You have an eye for interesting combinations! :-)

  2. That’s a beautiful plant, one that I’ve not seen before! It’s good that you are finally getting some rain. We are getting into a rainy stretch here too and it’s still warm enough that it won’t be the freezing kind yet.

  3. That is a nice grouping. It seems to have worked very well.

  4. The rain drops on the plants makes for a beautiful pic. I wish North Kansas City would get a little more rain. I’ve been having to water my plants.

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