Enchanted Forest


Once you enter Canterbury it’s as if you have stepped back in time, into a completely different world…


into a true enchanted forest.


Whilst strolling, you will likely see the local blacksmith…


and the weavers.

If you find yourself not knowing where to go, there are signs to help you find the way.  I tried to get to France, but ended up walking in circles!


There are many “characters”..


and they stop to eat too… these aren’t feasting on the traditional turkey legs, but there were plenty who were.

This weekend is wine and chocolate weekend and another trip to Canterbury might be in order.


~ by kcjewel on October 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Enchanted Forest”

  1. It must be really cool to visit there. A place of the imagination!

  2. That is really neat. Wish I lived close to a place that held events like this! Hope you make it the wine and chocolate tasting. :)

  3. We have similar things at Colonial Williamsburg although they are not dressed in this fashion…

  4. Very cool! I really hope we get to go next year.

  5. Looks really cool! :) Awesome pics

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