Almost the last of the pink… most of the coneflowers are a goldfinch feast right now, but there are a hand full of tiny blooms that always appear in the fall.  The pink zinna was one of all pinks that came from a pack of “Envy” seeds which are supposed to be green.  This is the second time I’ve planted them and they have turned out pink, but green on the back.  They may not be on my seed list next year!  The sweet peas have developed their seed pods and those blasted gumballs have begun to fall.  If anyone would like a bag of them I’ll ship for a nominal fee… LOL.

My BFF told me today that there is a possibility that we won’t have rain for a month… it’s already been about two weeks and I watered all day today.  Guess the water bill won’t be going down for at least a month.


~ by kcjewel on September 24, 2011.

6 Responses to “Fallness”

  1. Gumballs? My kids call them monkey balls :-)

  2. LOL Michaela… maybe I wouldn’t loathe them so much if I had known they were monkey balls!

  3. I love those gumballs! ;) I love this shot. It really is evocative of Fall for me. And I love the little rusting of what they are lying on. Very nice! :)

  4. love it all, includiing the background!

  5. I like the splash of subdued color the flower petals provide.

  6. I like the composition of this and the softness of the colors! Perhaps summer is submitting to fall?

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