Yellow One


… and one only. This shrub typically only blooms for me in the spring even though it is touted as a rebloomer. Today there was one lonesome bloom… kind of a reminder of spring and things to come in a few months. Even though fall is a beautiful time of year, there are about 3 months that I yearn for spring! That aside… bring on fall… orange chrysanthemums, purple pansies, cool dewy mornings with intricate webs built from tree to tree, cooler days and falling leaves!

~ by kcjewel on September 10, 2011.

5 Responses to “Yellow One”

  1. Beautiful shot

  2. One very beautiful blossom!

  3. Oh so very pretty!
    *sigh*… what I wouldn’t give for those cool dewy mornings right now! We’re still in the low 90’s here and it’s supposed to heat up into the upper 90’s. Will this summer from (in?) hell ever end?

  4. That’s a beautiful blossom and I like the leaves too. Maybe it’s blooming because it’s happy that the really hot days are leaving.

  5. It is a very pretty flower. What kind it is? I’m not familar with any shrubs that are supposed to be rebloomers.

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