At Dusk


Tonight was the first beautiful evening we have had in months it seems.  It started with a nice rain, not enough, but some is better than none!  Then it went from 95 degrees to 75 degrees… DELIGHTFUL!!  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 75 and I can’t wait… could fall be here?

The moonflower takes on a glow at night and the scent is heavenly… the rain made them even more beautiful.  There were nine blooms tonight… it must have really liked the rain!


~ by kcjewel on September 3, 2011.

10 Responses to “At Dusk”

  1. The water droplets look so cool in these photos! Nice job :)

  2. Fantastic shots! :-)

  3. That is so pretty. Love the little raindrops and the yellow green center. We are supposed to get a cooler day on Monday…I’m planning a gardening day!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;) To answer your question, wild red raspberry leaves are often used as a medicinal herb as a tonic for the female reproductive system. It has a pleasant flavor though, somewhat similar to that of a mild black tea. I use in in a blend with mints, clover blossoms and alfafa for both the medicinal benefits and the taste.

  5. Absolutely LOVE the first one! Pure perfection :-)
    Supposed to get cooler here, too, but still going to be in the 90’s. At least the lows are supposed to be in the 70’s (although I won’t actually believe it until I see it!)

  6. Just stunning. It was in the 60’s & 70’s here yesterday too. Almost seemed chilly after high 90’s! Enjoy the coolness.
    p.s. Sorry to send you hunting thru my posts about my camera equipment. I should post that somewhere but haven’t had many people ask. I use an older digital camera ~ Canon 20D ~ most of the time with a macro lens. hth

  7. GORGEOUS first image! The subtle lighting is so fitting for the moon flower.

  8. Not a Tamron ~ the Canon 100mm macro lens. It has been worth every penny!

  9. I really love that first shot.

  10. These shots make me feel cool! Just lovely.

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