After a very long dry spell the garden has had rain Monday, Thursday, Friday and today!  Along with the rain, there has been a week of relief from the triple digit temps. The hydrangeas and the moonflower are two of the very few things blooming… it’s a win that anything has survived at all!  I hope to shoot some macros of the moonflower, but it might have to be on a day that I can bathe in Deep Woods Off… not today because there is an antique quilt bathing in the tub tonight.  The car wouldn’t start this morning, but the thrift store is only a hop, skip and a jump away!!  Supposedly the quilt is from the estate of a KC attorney… things the family had no use for.  No one seemed to know the name of the attorney, but they knew he was Jewish… I would find his name much more interesting.

Here’s hoping everyone is enjoying a relief from the dry heat!  I smell fall in the air in the early morning… it’s nice. :)

Maybe this is why I love this flower so much… takes me back to the 70’s!!



~ by kcjewel on August 20, 2011.

9 Responses to “Moonflower”

  1. That’s a beautiful flower, one with which I’m not familiar. We could use some rain too, even though our temps stopped just short of triple digits. We are now getting day-to-night temperature swings of 40 to 50 degrees.

  2. That is one pretty flower. It looks like it made of crinkled fabric…

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Oh, how I wish my were blooming…lovely!

  5. I didn’t know moonflowers were so lovely. This is a wonderful shot.

  6. Looks so delicate… like carefully layed out silk. Beautiful.

  7. I do not recollect ever seeing a moonflower. Very nice shot.


  8. GORGEOUS photo of the moonflower! I’ve never grown them in my garden. Tried once with no luck. Maybe it’s time to try again!

  9. flor de luna is one of my favorite Santana songs…brings back memories but not of flowers.

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