A pair of hawks have taken up residence at my place. Does this mean they are watching me until I have balance in my life?

I’ve read several animal lore sites, but this one was the most detailed

Hawks – Primal life force, fulfillment, spring and fall equinoxes, perception, focus, protection.
The Hawk (Seg or Aracos) is another creature of great singificance in Celtic lore. The most famous Hawk is the Hawk of Achill that can riddle and discuss with the Druidic poet Fintan. This animal is also as old as time and another storehouse of great knowledge.
In many parts of the world the hawk has been said to be a messenger of the gods. (Horus, Circe, and Apollo in particular). The hawk is seen as the observer of all. Aside from the owl, the hawk has some of the keenest eyes in the animal kingdom. Virtually nothing passes by the hawk unnoticed. This can fill one with great resposibility, as hawk may enable you to the overall picture when no one else can.
Hawk is a teacher of higher expression in psychism and asteral travel. He is powerful, strong, and can strike swiftly. With his keen eyes the hawk is often the first to observe a situation and then with his swiftness he can be the first to take advantage of it.
Hawks tend to mate for life, and usually live in only one or two places during their lifetime. Hawks have great life force, and an equally great ability to defend themselves themselves with talons and sharp hooked beak. Hawk will regularly attack poisonous snakes, and defeat them.
Hawks are sometimes attacked by smaller birds. If hawk exists in your totem, expect to be harassed by other people that do not understand you or you creative ideas. They may be trying to hold you back from soaring high.
If the cry of hawk fills your ears, you must open yourself up to an upcoming message. You may need to “rise above your life” and take a wide overview of your life. Look at the whole by examining the parts – changes may need to be made. A cry of the hawk may also mean to beware of something coming in the very near future – or it may mean to just pay attention and absorb current and future happenings.
In general, hawk carries the following magickal attributes: Large Overview of situation, Great Memory, Spirit / God/ Goddess messages, Courage, Defense, Wisdom, Illumination, Truth, Experience.
The hawk is aligned with Mercury and the Sun, and is most powerful during the spring and fall equinoxes and during the new moon. In most shamanic systems the hawks power comes from the East, and is centered around the air.

This is from another site… I like it.

The hawk is a messenger–the animal equivalent of an angel. He drifts upward on the currents and circles high overhead. Like eagle, he knows the big picture but can also dive down to examine the details of life. If you hear a hawk cry, pay close attention to the thoughts you were just having. Perhaps you have received a message from spirit.  

They have been crying a lot lately… I guess I better listen… and finally, hawk also reminds us not to get caught up in minor annoyances so we can maintain our inner balance.  That is why they are here!!


~ by kcjewel on July 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Balance”

  1. Pretty interesting stuff about hawks! Perhaps I should listen too because I hear them often. I also hear an eagle every morning, I think holding “eagle” classes for its little ones.

  2. I find myself creeping around the yard like a cat, looking up trying to see them. I imagine my neighbors think I’m a nut case! Do you have many eagles around?

  3. I do the same thing. Yes, there is a pair of eagles nesting across the river and downstream a bit and another nest about upriver. They fish the river below our house, as do the Osprey. Makes for some good watching!

  4. This was very interesting. I glad you added the lore with the photo, which is very good by the way.

    For a number of years, my daughter would see and hear hawks all the time. She finally decided that the hawk was her totem. I am sure that mine is the dragonfly.

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