Elsie S.


It was an estate sale weekend (since it’s too hot to do anything else).  Elsie, whom I don’t know, sold everything in her house.  The estate sale folks said she is in her 90’s, moving to NC with her daughter and kept nothing.  Now there is some downsizing!! Anyway, the story was that Elsie is a seamstress of 60, or so, years and taught sewing lessons.  If the “sewing box” above is any indication of her personality then she and I are kindred spirits.  After sorting through and cleaning it out a bit the “jewels” were able to shine.  The needles in the box were Milliners needles and given that it also contained the cutest little hat pincushion, several hat pins, and a scrap of milliners net she may have done some millinery work as well.  Oh… the box… found open and without a lid. Being the FREAK I am, I knew that somewhere, in that house, there was an awesome lid (due to the shape of the box). About 30 minutes later there it was, under a huge pile of muslin dress patterns.  Yes, muslin dress patterns… Elsie was a serious seamstress.  Oh… and the background… a hand sewn and crocheted under garment and absolutely beautiful!

Thank goodness the lid was found… they just don’t make boxes like this anymore, or under garments either for that matter!


You may get sick of my Elsie estate sale posts this week… I’m not going to be toting a camera around the yard in 100 degree heat and no this wasn’t all of the purchase!!  Yep, I’m a junkie.


~ by kcjewel on July 10, 2011.

5 Responses to “Elsie S.”

  1. Words did not convey the beauty of Elsie’s treasures! So glad they have gone to a perfect home…will await to see more.

  2. Now I’m wondering where the blue came from in this photograph… there was NO BLUE in that box.

  3. What a fabulous sewing box! That was some find!

  4. Great find. it must be strange to leave all of your things and move. I don’t have much but I would feel weird without my guitars…

  5. You can bet I won’t get sick of seeing things from the sale. I have been sewing since I was 12, and enjoy seeing any kind of old work, and tools.

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