Somewhere in my decision making process I made a grave error.  With each day that passes it becomes ever so clear how wonderful it would have been to have done something creative with my life… basically, to live doing what one loves would be truly fulfilling.  Today, I had the pleasure of meeting a guy, in a gallery, with his manual typewriter.  Zach Houston made the good decision to use a gift, and what a gift it is to take a word given by a total stranger and turn it into a work of art… a poem created especially for that person… as in mine below.


The poem also came with a conversation about another poet, Christian Bök, author of “Crystallography” and in particular a writing called “Diamonds”.  There are so many jewels in this world and I found one today in Zach Houston.

Have you ever written on a leaf?  This one is from Zach’s exhibition “poemstore”.  Guesses are that there are some jewels in the journal as well.



~ by kcjewel on July 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “POEM$”

  1. How fun! I envy those who have discovered their purpose in life and are living their true selves. Doesn’t seew to happen very often, but when it does, the world is better for it.

  2. My husband says this, too.
    What a neat time of it you had! I like the poem, too.

    By chance, do you work at the museum?

  3. Yes it was fun MKP and I’m always a day late and a dollar short!

    Fun and neat Sandy. I don’t work at the museum, but I can only think of one place I would rather be on any given day and that is in the garden, so I do spend a lot of time there. I live very close and am a member so I’m able to go spend a couple of hours when I like. It is a very peaceful place to be.

  4. One only need look at your garden to see how creative you are. It was a “joy” to spend time with a “jewel”. And yes, the museum is a wonderful place to be!

  5. my023 thanks… too bad that there is no demand for garden busking… lol

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