Road trip today…  first treated Dad to lunch then headed for the land of wind.  WOW, what a spectacle… my lame photographs just don’t do it justice.  It’s difficult to capture the magnitude of miles and miles of turbines.  This one was at the Lost Creek Wind Farm office and when we left they said you can drive up to that one, please just don’t get out of your car (don’t know why). So, this was taken with me half out the window of the car… but I was NOT out of the car.  :)



~ by kcjewel on June 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “Wind”

  1. Those look much more refined than the ones I saw 5 or 6 years ago in western Montana. I really like the first photo! Those are big, but I sure like them much better than the stacks of a coal-burning generator!

  2. They are monsters… word has it that three trailer truck beds are used to transport each blade. I don’t know how they make it around some of those country corners… very carefully I’m sure. I think they look like beautiful sculptures and the placement of these is fairly random adding to the artsy feel. I found the sound quite soothing so I can’t imagine why folks would complain about the noise… just something to complain about I guess. I too find them much more attractive than a smokestack!

  3. I occasionally see those here in Michigan–not on any grand scale though. I agree with you, they are almsot like sculptures.

  4. Those pics are really neat. I had no idea it was actually windier there that it is here on the water…

  5. We saw lots of those on our CA trip three years ago.

  6. I think they are pretty, too. We saw a mountaintop covered with them last month up in Aroostook County at the top of Maine. Why do people have such a problem with them. It won’t melt down, or blow up.

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