Beautiful Day!

It was a FINE day to have to run an errand on The Plaza and while there why not take a walk though the Kansas City Sculpture Park at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for a close up of Ferment.  Sunny… 75… WOW, what a day.  A shame they can’t all be like this!

It is a sight to behold… so abstract yet there are some very prolific arrows throughout the sculpture.  Except for their graceful curve they almost look foreign to the piece.  I would love to get inside Roxy Paine’s head… he’s got some complex thought going on in there!




~ by kcjewel on June 11, 2011.

9 Responses to “Beautiful Day!”

  1. 75??? Our lows are warmer than that right now! I doubt we will see 75 before September sometime.
    That sculpture sure looks interesting.

  2. Michaela… it’s back to 95 tomorrow and today a bit of rain so it should be a steamy one. Those days are few and far between so it was definitely a day to be outside! I could sit for hours and look at the sculpture… he’s right, it’s a “force”. Be sure to see it if you are back in KC.

  3. Perfect day! I remember once in a great while having one like that in Phoenix in summer and it was always treasured. Our high here yesterday was 60 with rain showers.

  4. Lucky you Terry!! :)

  5. Your shots of the arrows are great!

  6. This was neat , Jewel. I wonder where the closest tree to me is? I did am image search in google using sarfari, a got a very long scroll of Paine’s work, mostly trees.

  7. Thanks my023 friend! We need to go back very soon… maybe at sunset. I think the sunset glow on the stainless would be something to see! Not during a lightening storm though. I hope lightening never comes near it!!

    Sandy, either NYC or DC maybe? If you have the opportunity to see one don’t miss it!! Plan to spend some time… I stood/sat there for over an hour yesterday and imagined all the things that I thought I was seeing.

  8. Wow, that sculpture is stunning!

  9. Thanks for making me aware of Roxy Payne. I used a word in the video as a springboard for my language blog post this morning.

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