Split-tailed Flycatcher and a Hibiscus


It was surprisingly easy to identify this bird thanks to Google.  It has very distinctive features so when entering white bird brown wings orange and (the key) split tail… there it was.  I didn’t get the chance to catch it in flight, or while it was hovering over the ground (looking for a “fly” I presume) but have viewed some pretty awesome photographs of it in flight online.  Here is a GREAT one! http://www.birdsofoklahoma.net/Scissor-tail09.htm and identified as a scissor-tailed flycatcher.   I guess since I haven’t been to Oklahoma yet this year it came up here to visit me… the state bird of Oklahoma.  Glad it did!!

I’m embarrassed to post the hibiscus since there are a few excellent hibiscus photographers that visit here, but the colors are just so yummy I’m going to go ahead and embarrass myself with hibiscus “First Kiss”!


~ by kcjewel on June 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “Split-tailed Flycatcher and a Hibiscus”

  1. Pretty little bird! I’ve never seen one. There’s nothing wrong with that hibiscus shot: it’s excellent! What a pretty flower!

  2. I agree with Terry, there is nothing at all wrong with the hibiscus. The colors are unusual.
    My parents lived in the country in Oklahoma when I was younger. We used to see these flycatchers on the fence posts around the yard.

  3. Don’t be embarrassed, that hibiscus looks beautiful!
    I need to pay better attention to the birds when we’re in Oklahoma, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this one. I’m glad you were able to identify it so easily… sometimes I wish you could submit a photo and google (or whatever!) will tell you what it is.

  4. I had not seen one before either Terry. Thanks!

    Sandy, I would have preferred a fence post… this was not a very pretty perch. Yes the hibiscus is a very unusual color and that is what made me buy it. Thanks!

    Thank you Michaela… you are one of those photographers I was talking about so I appreciate the compliment. Yes, pay attention in OK… the flight was beautiful. I was reading about their “dance” and I did see that, but was so mesmerized that I didn’t take a picture.

  5. Neat bird! Looks very gentle..Don’t have them around here in Massachusetts.

    That is a very unusually colored hardy hibiscus! And you did a perfectly fine job photographing it!

  6. The hibiscus is just amazing…those colors…

  7. I have never seen these birds until this year in Arkansas. They are amazing little birds.

  8. i just saw my first one last Saturday. in north central Arkansas. pretty neat bird.

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