Every spring I wait anxiously till she blooms… it happened today, not one, but two blooms.  There are a few to go, but the first one is always the most precious!  Yellow herbaceous peonies are not very common, but they deserve a spot in every garden!

I think it might have made it to 60 today, but not much over.  It was actually a perfect day to be in the garden, but oh no… it was Monday.  It is supposed to rain this weekend… of course.

~ by kcjewel on May 16, 2011.

12 Responses to “Precious”

  1. That has to be among the most beautiful of flowers! I remember you posted a photo of it back in 2009.

  2. What a beautiful shot! The peonies look like something out of a Japanese painting. PERFECTLY framed.

    J.A.Robinson– [my photoblog:

  3. You have created a monster… I can’t find it and I probably won’t sleep until I do… LOL It really is prettier than the photo too!

    Found it… now I can sleep.

  4. I love yellow flowers. This is probably the most gorgeous peonies I’ve seen. Didn’t know they come in yellow. Now I’m on the mission to find a plant for my mother’s peony collection. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I have peony envy! Some day I WILL have a yellow peony in my garden! :-)

  6. Me again. I can’t recall if you knew what peony you have…it is an intersectional or Itoh hybrid called ‘Garden Treasure’.

    MUST have it! :-)

  7. These are the gemstones of my life. I far prefer them to the sharp brilliance of the diamond or the lingering visual hold of the ruby. Something in the softness of the yellow contrasted with the floral center makes me relax inside.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. My orange Hibiscus had its first bloom this morning. I’ll take a picture of it. Thank you for the idea.


  9. They’re absolutely beautiful! They also remind me a little of the Prickly Pear flowers

  10. I agree with Terry, this is a beautiful flower. Love all the bits of color.

  11. Gosh… I’m glad everyone likes the beauty. It is definitely the star of the garden right now!

    JA, thanks… I like your blog. I didn’t have as much time to cruise around last night as I would have liked, but I’ll be back! Thanks for visiting me here.

    Emily and Tracy… what are you waiting on? Take the plunge… you won’t be sorry! Yes it is Garden Treasure and that’s a good price. Mine was not bare root, it was potted and purchased from Red Cedar Gardens, They don’t have an online catalog, but I bet they would mail. There is one that is even prettier, but the last I checked it was $400… a bit out of my price range and I can’t remember the name. Rickie at Red Cedar has it in her garden as a tease!! ;)

    Michael, beautiful thought… thank you. You really do need to write a book! You have such talent… I should say, many talents.

    Bobby, thanks… I’m coming over to see the orange hibiscus!!

    Michaela… I wonder if I’ve seen a prickly pear. I saw some pretty yellow flowers on cactus outside of The Alamo. I bet they were prickly pear. Yes, I can see that.

    Thanks Sandy!

  12. Stunning!

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