A Poppy

… for Michaela. : )

I had to hold this still.  It’s not blowing hard (yet), but it doesn’t take much for these lovelies to nod their heads.  It’s looking pretty stormy and is very humid… no hail please. (I sound like a broken record.)  First casualty tonight… a dead baby robin… I hate to see that!

~ by kcjewel on May 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “A Poppy”

  1. One of my favorite flowers…wish they were in my garden. Love how the color shows here.

  2. Beautiful poppy! Sorry about the little robin. I always hate to see that too.

  3. Poppies hold my heart … I well know papery petals and willowy throats are hard to shoot. Beautiful!

  4. So you did catch one and so well too! Ours are up, but don’t even have flower buds yet.

  5. Aww, THANK YOU! :-)
    This is really beautiful, and the lighting was perfect.
    Hope you didn’t get any hail! Something about the storms this spring… we’ve gotten hail three times within about a week or so!

  6. Sp bright and beautiful! I am glad the wind didn’t take it. When is that ever going to stop?

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