A sure sign of spring is this little baby.  I haven’t seen the bunny since I saw the hawk perched in the pine tree… doubtful that this little guy survived the visitor. : (

This evening I went out to take a picture of the baby thrushes.  The momma was off the nest, and they had their little mouths open, so thinking she was out hunting dinner, I stuck my camera into the thick hedge and about lost a finger.  I never heard such noise from a bird either.  I felt really bad… she didn’t know I wouldn’t harm anyone.  I won’t be trying THAT again!!

It was 92 degrees today and supposed to be 91 tomorrow.  I hate to complain, but that’s a little warm!!

~ by kcjewel on May 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Survivor?”

  1. What a cute bunny! Nice capture! temperatures in the 90’s would be the end of me. Yesterday it was 61 and I suffered from working in the heat.

  2. What a cute little bunny! I hope it survived and is just hiding out now.
    We’re in the 90’s, too, and it’s humid! I agree, it’s a little warm, but I’m thankful we’re not in the triple digits (yet!)

  3. I am with Terry. 76º is a perfect summer day to me. Hey, my niece in western Ok had 101º yesterday.

    Lets hope the bunny makes it on its own. It is so cute.

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